Glass Doors Brooklyn

Glass Doors Brooklyn

Glass Door Repair Sevices in Brooklyn, NY

Having an attractive glass door for your Brooklyn business increases your businesses curb appeal and provides eye appeal for potential customers strolling down the sidewalk inviting them to come in and see more of your wares. Glass doors come in many different styles and sizes including both single and double glass doors, etched doors and more. However, occasionally, something happens that causes your glass door to be in need of repairs. Glass can crack or be chipped, the locks can stop work or the door hinges can stick or become weak causing your glass doors to sag or be unable to close or lock properly.

When any door, especially a glass door is in need of repair the door is unable to provide you with the first line of security your business needs. It also provides would be theives with an easy way into your stores and it’s merchandise during night time hours and may even prohibit customers from entering or exiting easily causing both a safety hazard and costing your customers and potential business.

While some glass door problems may be minor and can wait to be repaired until an appointment can be made and a glass door repair service is available, other repairs simply can’t wait and in these situations you need a glass door repair service that will handle your door repair immediately.

At Door Repair Brooklyn we provide 24/7 door repair services so that you will have a professional licensed and trained door repair technician on their way to your location within minutes of our receiving your call.

Types of Glass Door Repairs

Glass Door Repair Brooklyn, NYWe are a fully licensed and insured door repair installation and repair company and we can repair your glass your glass door regardless of the problem. Your glass door won’t close? Not a problem our professional door repair technician will come and look at your door and determine just why your glass door is failing to close properly and will set the problem to rights quickly and effectively.

Your Door Closes fine, but fails to latch properly? Not a problem our skilled technician will inspect your door and change the lock or rehang the door or do whatever else is needed to ensure that your door latch works properly and you business is protected from intruders.

Cracked or Chipped glass? We’ve got you covered and replace the glass panel in your door quickly and effienciently so your door is as good as new in no time at all.

Malfunctioning nobs or handles? We’ll be Johnny on the spot to repair or replace those malfunctioning door nobs or handles.

Some other problem? Not a problem for us as our technicians are schooled in handling all manner of door repair.

Repair or Replace that Glass Door

In some cases your glass door may be too badly damaged to be repaired or repairing the door will cost you more than simply having it replaced. If this is the cased with your damaged glass door our door repair technician will inform you of the problem and explain why replacing that door is the best option. Once you agree they will then replace the door for you at a reasonable cost.

Why Hire Door Repair Brooklyn, Ny for Your Glass Door Repair?

You may be wondering why you should hire our company over all the other door repair companies to complete your glass door repairs. We believe that our Company offers several benefits over other door repair companies. Some of these benefits are:

  • Expert Door Repair- All of our door repair technicians are experts in door repair having undergone training and most have years of experience in repairing doors. You know you are good hands and can expert the highest expertise and professional services when you hire our company.
  • 24/7 Service- Some companies only repair doors by appointment or offer 24/7 emergency services at a rate that is out of this world. We provide 24/7 door service to anyone at any time and keep our rates reasonable and affordable, because your security and peace of mind is important to us. We even offer specials from time to time that will make having your door repaired even more affordable.
  • Available Hardware to Make the Repairs- Since door repair and installation is our only business we keep a large stock of hardware on hand to meet any door repair emergency, so you never have to worry about leaving your door unrepaired until the right hardware can be ordered or having to settle for less than best available hardware to match your door.

Not Just Glass Door Repairs For Business

While most of this article has been dedicated to repairing glass doors for business we would like you to know that we also repair residential glass doors as well. In fact, we repair any type of door regardless of material from those solid wood doors, to fiberglass, screen, and even those steel garage doors.

Just like our 24/7 repair service for your business we also provide 24/7 services for residential doors as well. So regardless of what kind of door you need repaired or replaced we can complete the job to your satisfaction. We can even help you install that new door.

We’ll even be happy to give you a free estimate for your door repair before begin to work so that you won’t be surprised when you have your door repaired in and emergency and then get a bill that is far more than you expect.

Give Us A Call

If you have a glass door or any door that needs to be repaired or replaced or want help installing a new door then why not give us a call at 1-718-484-9002 and get the prompt, expert service your need and expert for an extremely reasonable price. We’re always happy to serve our Brooklyn neighbors and help them keep their homes and businesses safer by ensuring that their glass and other doors are in tip top working order.

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